Your Benefit is our Mission!

As team Berger-Lacke, we are your trustful partner. In an open dialogue, we will work with you to find the optimal coating system solution for you. We consider your wishes, your goals and any problems in the previous process and optimize them together. As partners, this is part of our service for our customers, so that you do not generate any consulting costs during the analysis. We would like to work together to find the ideal technical and commercial solution for you – with the right coating system in the right coating process.

This close dialogue is not only part of the initial analysis, but also permanently and sustainably part of our everyday cooperation. We accompany you, inform you about relevant technical innovations and give you valuable tips and advice on a regular basis. Use our experience and reliability for your business!

Your benefit ist our mission!

Together with our customers, we achieve for example the following advantages:

+ Cost reduction in the coatings process by faster drying times

+ Cost reduction in the coating process by reducing the number of coating layers with at least the same final technical performance

+ Reduction of VOC emissions

+ Equal quality standards in several international coating processes

+ Optimization of international delivery logistics

+ Cost reduction by reducing in coating consumption

+ Improvement of the coating resistances

+ Improvement of the coating look

Talk to us – we would like to support you sustainably with our solutions!

As a family company, sustainability is particularly important to us. We keep our values over generations. With reliability, honesty, fairness, mutual respect and support, innovative strength, environmental protection, sustainability, compliance, national and international readiness to deliver and professional competence. We are always there for you with personal commitment and a lot of passion. This is true in both, good and difficult times.

Thank you for sharing these values ​​with us and for trusting in us! We will not disappoint you.