Customized Coatings for Machine Building Outdoor

In the machine building outdoor segment, we have been offering leading coating systems for decades – and we supply market leaders. Are you looking for a solution that is precisely matched to your company and business?

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Our product portfolio includes different special solutions, which we are happy to adapt to your situation and needs.

We cover all relevant coating-related fields:

  • Substrates: Fe and EN metal, multiple plastic types
  • Application: from automated robot coating to dip coating up to the classic spraying gun
  • Drying: from air or oven drying to cold drying
  • Coating technology: from water-based, over very high solids to powder coatings
  • 1k, 2k as single layer coat or multi layer coat

The brand “Berger-Lacke®” is nationally and internationally protected and known for the highest standards, efficiency and reliability.

Depending on the category, the different product worlds can be found in the family brands LuberHyd, LuberPox, LuberCryl, LuberAl, LuberSil or, for example, LuberPowder.

We look forward to your inquiry and our individual support for you!