Products – Perfection by Customizing

At Berger-Lacke, the focus is on the individual customer. As a specialist, Berger-Lacke is as focussed and dynamic as necessary to be a technological leader in its fields. The specialized range offers a variety of options. Together with the customer, we select the most suitable solution. If the necessity of a tailor-made adaptation of a product arises, we realize it.

We always find the optimal solution together with the customer. In the analysis we go into the actual situation as well as the specific wishes and goals of the customer, and then develop options for optimization together. The specialist team from Berger-Lacke has a wide range of almost 100 years of experience.

For us, key questions are, for example:

* What process costs do we reach with which coating system?

* What is your VOC balance and what can we improve here?

* Where can you save coating layers, time or coating quantities?

* What goals and requirements do you have today and in the future – and which coating system offers the best individual performance for you?

* Are there any problems or complaints today that you want to resolve?

…and many more.

With its products, Berger-Lacke is a reliable partner for long-term cooperation. For this reason, our analysis is part of the natural service for our customers. We are not looking for a quick turnover, but a long-term, reliable and complaint-free cooperation. We are passionately committing to this with our know-how and our products.

Today our products are used by market leaders in the respective special areas – and have been for decades.

Our products and the joint analysis of solutions and processes at our customers are not static. In close cooperation, we regularly and sustainably check together whether there have been any further improvements that are worthwhile and suitable for the customer. In this way, we always and dynamically stay at the optimum and with our products we support our partners to always achieve the best and most efficient result in the end.